Mz sahfiyah

Sahfiyah is a urban artist influenced by the styles of island music such as reggae, reggae-ton and dancehall combined with Latin house and hip hop. Sahfiyah has a very strong image and dance style in which she incorporates into her music when writing her songs. She is a very strong hip hop, dancehall and belly dancer. She began writing music at the age of 16, where she feels she has truly found what she was born to do.
Sahfiyah has performed in many venues and head lighted various dancehall events as a special guest and represented the UK as  V.I.P. Sahfiyah continues to be a strong upcoming artist with a very unique music style. Sahfiyah Quote 'NEVER LET SOMEBODY  STOP YOU FROM FOLLOWING YOUR DREAM- SAY IM GONA DO IT ANYWAY'